We were so fortunate to have Lyla guide us through our first home buying experience and will recommend her to anyone moving to the area because she was so outstanding. Even though she had such a busy schedule and so many other clients, she always made us feel like her priority. Her availability and communication were exceptional. She went above and beyond throughout the entire process and was always very patient with us as we had millions of questions. It was extremely evident that she is an expert in the field and she always ensured that we understood all aspects of the home buying process as well as the overwhelming paperwork.


"It was a great pleasure to work with Lyla Icaza. She was my agent both when I bought my property several years ago and when I sold it recently. She's thorough, well prepared, and extremely responsive. During my recent transaction, I was already living half way across the country, and needed to sell within a tight schedule. Lyla did so much extra work to make the sale easy for me and on time., , She helped to coordinate repairs, paintings, showings, all on my behalf when I could not be there. She handled negotiations and had offers above the asking price within less than 24 hours of listing. She also handled the inspection and walkthroughs. About two days before closing I had an appliance malfunction and Lyla coordinated the repair so expeditiously that the closing was never impacted. During this entire process I was always impress by her efficiency and professionalism, and I wholeheartedly recommend her."


We recently had the good fortune of working with Lyla to purchase our new home in Ann Arbor. As first time buyers, Lyla was there to guide us through every step of the process. In addition to the actual home search, Lyla's experience and extensive network of local contacts were indispensable in matters such as loan pre-approval, inspections and future home improvement recommendations. It was a pleasure to work with such a pleasant, efficient and dedicated professional as Lyla to locate just the home our entire family was seeking.


"Lyla Icaza is a pleasure to work with. She is friendly and personable, making it easy to let her get to know what we were looking for in a home. She is also very professional and gets things done extremely quickly., , If we ever had a question or concern, Lyla responded right away with an answer. She went above and beyond to help us get our new home. We would absolutely recommend Lyla to anybody looking for a new home!"


"I cannot say enough about what an excellent, experienced real estate agent Lyla Icaza is! She knows the Ann Arbor market inside and out, is very good about assessing what a client wants, and is honest and forthcoming about helping clients stick to what they really want and not be be impulsive in buying. Lyla just listed and sold my Ann Arbor home in four days, and then closed two weeks after., , The whole process was complete in less than one month. She made sure I got the price I wanted and she went above and beyond by working with the buyers agent to sell furniture in the home to the buyer. She made the experience painless. She put me first in every way., , Lyla is thoughtful and caring, was available at every moment, is incredibly efficient and anticipated my needs every step of the way. She works very well with other agents is well connected in Ann Arbor and provided me with every resource I needed. I highly recommend Lyla to help with any real estate needs."


"Lyla was a wonderful agent and far exceeded my expectations in both abuyers and sellers agent. As a first-time home buyer moving to a new area for residency, Lyla calmed many of my anxieties and helped me to find a place that I loved. She knew the area well and was quite attentive to property details that I never thought to ask, but were very important. She helped me to navigate (nearly effortlessly on my part) the process of buying a home., , When my residency ended and it came to selling the property, there was no question who I would choose. She was up to date on recent comparisons and I felt comfortable making an informed decision on how best to prepare the property and sell it with her guidance. I would confidently recommend Lyla to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home. She was prompt, knowledgeable, committed, and empowered me to navigate these experiences seamlessly."


"My wife and I moved from Kansas to Ann Arbor for my medical residency. We knew nothing about the real estate market in Ann Arbor... Lyla made the move as smooth and painless as possible, in fact it was actually pretty fun. She went above and beyond her job description to assist us; attending the inspection when we could not make it, responding to texts/calls late Friday evening, attending the final walk through, contacting foundation experts when we had issues with the inspection, helping us even after we closed on the house., , She has been a tremendous help in an otherwise very stressful time of transition. She almost always responded to our emails or call within minutes to hours. And she knew our situation very well, having a son who recently went through residency himself. My wife and I couldn't be happier with our choice of realtor."""


"Lyla Icaza was my realtor for both the sale of my home of 19 years and the purchase of my new home this year. She was my best friend through this life event and I could not have done it without her., , I am a single woman who works full time. Lyla never missed a beat. She exceeded every one of my high standards. This often made me smile as I realized I had found an agent who was on top of things more than me., , She would change her schedule at the last minute to be with me for either a showing or a viewing and if by some far stretch she was not able to be there she would arrange for one of her most competent colleagues to be present., , The process went like clockwork and she led it flawlessly. Her network is impressive and if you are selling a home and need contacts for those details that arise to get your home up to par, a plumber, an electrician, financial contact she has you covered. The quality of the photographer she enlisted for the sale of my home was impressive and made a difference in the effectiveness of showings., , If you are purchasing a home, it is the same. Lyla has a tremendous database of contacts so you feel comfortable in making a decision if you need someone to consult., , She is prompt, professional and courteous. She is skillful in the use of technology and we did most transactions via email, which made the process seamless and did not interrupt my day., , Lyla takes it to a personal level as if she was selling or purchasing her own home, an outstanding quality."


Lyla was recommended to me by at least three physician residents, and working with her made it easily apparent why she is so well-liked. She is prompt in her responses. She accommodates erratic schedules, taking and making phone calls for you late into the evening. She is knowledgeable about local real estate and physician loans. For someone with little experience, little time, and little leverage for negotiation, she took care of me from beginning to end: meeting me at short notice to view properties, finding a property that would suit me before it even hit the market, suggesting services and companies that would/would not be worth my money, attending the inspection in my place, working with my lenders on my behalf, making sure I met deadlines, and combing through closing papers with me. She is genuine, and an incredibly strong advocate who made the home-buying process dangerously smooth. Thank you, Lyla, for everything you do!


"Lyla was recommended to us by our friends who used her services to buy their first home. They have a very high opinion of her and so do we! We had a great experience with Lyla., , She always offered sound advice and was prompt in her replies. She never pushed us into any decisions and worked patiently with us till we found the home that was perfect for us. Very importantly, we always felt that she is on our side and we will go back to her again for any property transactions."


"Lyla did a wonderful job of taking my desires into consideration when suggesting properties to view. She met me on a weekend, when I came in from out of town to view what I had narrowed down. She had an excellent idea of what residency training demands and knew what would have been hard to maintain., , She was also honest about the market and the work needing to be done on certain houses. In the end, she and I found the perfect house. After closing she was wonderful with follow-up on the few issues I had. I will call her when it's time to sell and would recommend her to anyone moving to the area., , Thank you for all of your help. I love my new home! "


Recommended by a ton of my colleagues at the University of Michigan Medical Center, I don't think we could have managed with anyone else. She knows the market like the back of her hand and will give you direct and honest advice, good and legit. She knew the answer to anything real estate, and everything was a breeze. She was always contactable at all times and for far more than just buying a home. She booked appointments in short notice for us. Most importantly, I trusted her 100%.


Being a first-time homebuyer is terrifying! Pre-approvals, inspections, offers, and many other words that I have never heard before. But having with Lyla as my realtor, the process ended up being really smooth and a very satisfactory experience. Lyla takes time to explain every single step of the process, making sure you understand pros and cons. She is also extremely hardworking, stays on top of all the details and communicates in the most efficient way. I cannot emphasize enough how satisfied I am that I counted with Lyla as my realtor, I would recommend her business to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.


"Lyla Icaza was an amazing realtor for my wife and I! As surgical a surgical resident at the University Hospital, I have a very restrictive schedule, but Lyla constantly went above and beyond to make home buying a convenient and seamless experience. She helped us find a home with a great commute, location, and value., , , She is warm and easy to work with, and became a friend as much as a realtor. When it came time for negotiation, she fought for us to get the best deal. I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home, but especially for those of you that are residents as she knows your specific needs through her extensive experience. "


Lyla was recommended by a close friend to help me buy my first home. She had helped my friend buy her first home as well. Lyla was the absolute best and made that process incredibly easy for me. When it was time for me to move it was a no brainer that I would have her as my sellers agent. She was extremely responsive and helpful again. I trusted her implicitly. I can not recommend Lyla enough.


"As a first-time buyer, I quickly realized navigating the housing market alone could be overwhelming and treacherous. I found Lyla's name through the Internal Medicine Resident website and contacted her. Through our initial conversation, it was obvious that she was experienced in realty and particularly the Ann Arbor market. The truly amazing aspect of working with Lyla was that I was able to find a condo that I fell in love within a matter of a few days of searching., , There are many reasons I would recommend her, but I will summarize them into three. , , First, she knew the market and gave her honest opinion openly. She knew where other residents were living and could make recommendations based on their experiences in the area. She could tell me what to look out for with respect to a particular property - whether it was overpriced, its history if important, or details related to its construction., , Secondly, she had a lot of insight into the resident physician program and catered to our needs. She realized we had limited time to find housing. She also understood how our schedules could affect our housing needs. At the same time, she coordinated financial things well with Huntington Bank's Physician Loan Program., , Finally and most importantly, her personality was always friendly and open. I felt I could ask her anything regarding the search and could trust her answer when she gave it., , In summary, the transition to residency can be difficult and there is a limited amount of time. The most important thing as someone navigating this new and foreign market for the first time was finding someone who was knowledgeable, honest, and fun to work with. Lyla was that person!"

Nate M.

"I was a first-time home buyer who was from out of town, clueless about the whole process, and on a restricted time schedule. I was able to find and buy my amazing condo all thanks to Lyla! She was super helpful from day 1, understanding my limitations and what I was looking for, and continuously sending along listings I would be interested in., , She explained everything I needed to know, and made buying my first home as seamless as possible. She even attended my condo inspection since I was out of the country and explained the findings to me. It didn't take long to realize that Lyla is someone who wasn't just trying to get me to buy any house, but actually on my side to find the best possible home for us for the next seven years., , I cannot recommend Lyla Icaza enough, especially if you are a medical or surgical resident! She will make buying a home as easy as pie, making sure you don't forget ANYTHING and communicating with you during the crazy hours we are available., , Thank you Lyla for all the hard work you do and the love you put into your work and clients!"

Sara S.

"I am so grateful to have Lyla Icaza as my buyer/seller's agent in my recent condo-to-house switching. She is not only a terrific real-state agent with abundant professional knowledge, very reliable and loyal to account on, but also she is more like an old friend to me, who has always been there for me whenever I need her help. She has provided me many helps and detailed information and suggestions on loan borrowing, home decorating, pluming, patio building etc. Those were really helpful for an international scholar and a new homeowner like me, who had little experience on it., , , , She is a very sincere and warmhearted person with a charming personality, of whom I was really enjoying getting to know. I could not express my appreciation to Lyla enough for her great help and I really cherish our friendship we built up along the course of my home hunting. Thank you Lyla!"


From day one, Lyla Icaza has been actively supporting in finding the right house for us. She goes above and beyond what I expect and is very thorough when it comes to following up with all parties. Thank you Lyla - for your great communication and follow-through!


"We had the absolute pleasure of working with Lyla Icaza as our Realtor. She found us the home of our dreams. Lyla worked tirelessly and was there for us each step of the way. She knows the market incredibly well, and fought for us the entire way through the process, allowing us to find our perfect home., , She goes out of her way and is devoted 100% to her clients. I can honestly say that I do not know what we would have done without Lyla. She displays the utmost professionalism, loyalty, and an amazing work ethic. Quite simply, she went above and beyond for us, and for that we will always be thankful. I know for a fact that when it is time to move on and to our next home, we will be working with Lyla Icaza."

Kim and Rya

"In the past seven years, we have had five different real estate agents. Without question, Lyla has been the most dedicated of them all! We had numerous logistical challenges because we were out-of-state with three little kids, did not have any prior knowledge of the Ann Arbor area, and had to find a house, daycare, elementary school, and the right neighborhood within a 5 week time frame.Further complicating matters, we had to deal with an out-of-town lender that was extremely difficult., , Lyla was extremely proactive with the lender, title company, inspectors, and everyone else involved so that we could close within our aggressive schedule. Lyla was always available when we needed her. We felt like we were her only clients. We would not hesitate to recommend Lyla to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Ann Arbor."

Carl and Liz

"Dearest Lyla,, , We want to express our gratitude for making our house search and buying process a very smooth and enjoyable experience. We felt very well informed and promptly about every step. Your friendly disposition and professionalism were very reassuring throughout the entire process. Being always available and knowledgeable about the market was essential to find and buy our beautiful home that had been in the market for few days and received multiple offers. We followed your suggestions and recommendations with no hesitation., , Such a level of trust is very important so decisions are made with confidence. You made sure we got a knowledgeable inspector, negotiated skillfully with sellers, and informed us of every step of the closing process. Our expectations were exceeded and we recommend your services to everyone who needs it or not."

Sandra & Sal

Lyla helped us buy our home when we moved to Michigan 4 years ago and we had such a positive experience that she was the obvious choice to help us sell our house now that we are moving. Lyla advised us on what we needed to do to get our home ready to sell. She marketed it very well and we immediately had tons of interest in our home. Lyla is very professional yet warm and friendly. She is attentive to detail and extremely thorough. She is accessible and available. Lyla helped us navigate some very difficult negotiations and gave great advice. We've loved working with Lyla and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

Tom and Sarah

"Working with Lyla was smooth and worry free even when we were out of state. She is very professional and at the same time personable. We have worked with her as a buyer and as a seller, and she was excellent in both instances. She provided guidance and advice on how to best show and sell our property. She was very flexible with time and worked with us to stage our property and make it picture ready., , We had to move before closing date, but she ensured we completed every required document that allowed closing to proceed in our absence. She kept us informed throughout the acceptance, appraisal, closing, and followed up with us after closing in case we had any questions., , Lyla Icaza is also an excellent resource for residents, fellows, and professionals moving to the Ann Arbor area. She has lived in Ann Arbor since 1985, and is very familiar with the area. She works with lots of residents and hospital employees and will patiently work with you to ensure you find the place to call home."

Ayo and Yemisi

"Lyla,, , We feel very fortunate that we were able to work with you again, this time for selling our house. Just like when you helped us buy our current home, you made us feel like we had a partner whom we could trust and who was looking out for our best interests throughout the process. It was a great peace of mind that we could rely on your expertise for every decision., , , When we first considered selling our house, we had a list of updates that we thought were needed to make in order to sell it. However you helped us make the right decisions on where to invest to make it a desirable home without unnecessary spending. This saved us a lot of time, headaches and money., , We were impressed with how you used your network to advertise our home even before it was listed. This led to multiple viewings scheduled the same evening when it was listed and offers above the asking price less than 48 hours after the listing. Once we accepted an offer, it helped that you kept us informed during every step of the process."

Dan and Gianna

"This was our first home buying experience, and working with Lyla was a pleasure from start to finish. She was patient in answering our questions and understanding the kind of home we wanted. She was extremely knowledgeable about each step in the process and honest with us about the homes we were looking at. I found her honesty to be one of the most refreshing aspects because it was obvious that her main priority was to find a home that we loved., , In addition to us, our parents toured homes with us and Lyla, and they couldn't stop commenting on how professional, helpful and knowledgable she was. I highly recommend Lyla to any future homebuyer., "

Dan and Rachel

Lyla made buying our first home a vastly more manageable and enjoyable process than it would have been without her! Her communication was prompt and she had a lot of availability to look at houses with us. She is obviously very experienced and knows the Ann Arbor market really well. She pointed out issues with houses that we may not have noticed, and helped us draft a competitive offer for the house we ultimately purchased. Throughout the process, she was extremely well organized and did an amazing job coordinating with the seller and lender to make sure we could close on time. We will absolutely be recommending her to any friends or family who are looking for a realtor in Ann Arbor!

Dan and Sin?ad

"Lyla,, , We just want to say THANK YOU as we really appreciated your help in finding and buying our new home. We felt lucky getting to work with you as your experience and observations helped us make the decisions that we think will work best for our family. The whole process went very smoothly as you were on top of everything at every step. We also appreciated that you were always available to answer our questions and were very open and honest about the pros and cons. Your suggestions and recommendations were great!, , Thank you so much!!"

Gianna and Dan

"It is hard to put into words how wonderful working with Lyla Icaza has been, but working with Lyla was easily the best decision (besides the house we bought) during the entire process. She was very personable and knowledgable and being a young couple the home buying process seemed very daunting. Lyla made the complexity of the process seem so much easier., , She was with us every step of the way and even came to our inspections to ensure everything was being done right. Her recommendations for inspectors were top notch and we greatly appreciate the thorough reports we received. One of the best things about Lyla was that we never felt like we were being pressured into buying something we weren't absolutely in love with - and in the Crazy Ann Arbor/Saline housing market it felt like everything was moving so fast., , Being so readily available through email or phone made us feel like we were a step ahead of the crowds when a new house hit the market. At no point did we feel like she wasnt working 100% for us and her personal approach really made her stand out among realtors that we spoke with early on. With Lyla's guidance we got the house of our dreams."

Jos? and Sarah

"We had the pleasure of working with Lyla to buy our new home and to sell our previous condo. In both circumstances, we could not have been happier with the process or outcome!, , Lyla is dedicated to helping her clients make well-informed decisions. Before we submitted an offer on our current home, she quickly arranged for multiple contractors to provide us with estimates for the work the home desperately needed (e.g. new roof). This enabled us to make a fair, yet strong offer, which was readily accepted in this highly competitive market. We love our new home and know that it would never have been ours without Lyla's hard work, organization, and persistence!, , Similarly, Lyla's strong sense of housing market trends allowed us to quickly sell out condo for a better price than we could have ever imagined. We recommend Lyla to all of our friends and colleagues!"

Dina and Julius

We heard great things about Lyla from friends and so it was an easy decision to work with her when we started looking for a home. We were not disappointed! Lyla was patient, informative and helpful at every step. We took our time - it was about two and a half years between the time that we first visited a home with Lyla and the day that we finally closed on our home. We never felt any pressure from Lyla to move forward with a purchase that we weren't totally comfortable with. And when we did finally find a home that we love she helped us move forward quickly and effectively, all in the midst of a very competitive market! We couldn't be happier with the result and we're very grateful to Lyla for all her help along the way.

Elyne and Liane

"Lyla has helped us buy two homes and sell one home in 3 short years. We bought our first home with Lyla while we were living out of state. Being first-time homebuyers, we were apprehensive about the process, but Lyla quickly put our worries to rest with her confident and kind approach. She was extremely organized and communicated with us every step of the way, and just after one short weekend of searching in Ann Arbor, we ended up with a home we were extremely happy with for 2 1/2 years., , When we decided to look for a larger home recently, there was no question that we would seek Lyla's expertise again. Lyla went above and beyond her duty as a real estate agent, assisting us with a couple of issues that came up after the sale of our home. I really appreciated that she continually kept our best interest in mind when making recommendations., , We were truly fortunate to have Lyla as our real estate agent and take every opportunity to recommend her when we hear that friends or acquaintances are looking to buy or sell a home."

Suzy and Andrew

You are most certainly invited to our home and we are looking forward to you visiting us once we are settled. We say Thank you with our up most care and respect to you Lyla.

Anthony and Zory

Lyla was a truly wonderful agent. As clients who worked with her on both the buying and selling of our home, we can attest to her excellent work ethic. She helped us to navigate difficult situations and was proactive when finding solutions. She was always honest and upfront about all aspects of the real estate process. Furthermore, she was easily accessible at all times. Overall, one of the best real estate agents we have ever worked with and we would highly recommend her to anyone in the future!

Chris and Alison

Lyla was great to work with. She is extremely knowledgable about Ann Arbor and was always available to speak with us about the home buying process. She is an advocate for her clients and will make sure that you end up with the house of your dreams!

Chris and Alison

"Working with Lyla to sell my home was a great decision. She is very approachable and knowledgable and was helpful in succinctly coaching me on the best ways to prepare my property. She is also well-connected in the area and had recommendations for people to help me do whatever I needed, from cleaning services to repairmen. She made the process very smooth and handled all the gory details that make selling a home daunting., , My partner and I have now worked with Lyla on three different occasions, both buying and selling, and we have always been very pleased. We will definitely seek her help again when the occasion arrises and would recommend her to anyone asking for the best experience possible."

Emily and Dustin

"Lyla is a joy to work with! She is a true expert in her field, professional, experienced and knowledgeable. She is attentive to detail and easy to work with. She works quickly and efficiently. She responds to email and voicemails often in split seconds, even on weekends and nights. She is always a couple of steps ahead of her clients., , Lyla Icaza has numerous contacts in the local area and she works to handle anything related to the sale and purchase of a home. She works VERY hard for her clients and keeps things moving quickly. She is extremely honest with her clients. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking a truly professional Realtor. We could not be more satisfied. Thank you for all the hard work, dedication and the time you spent with our family navigating our 7th home!, , "

The Weber family

"Working with Lyla Icaza was wonderful. She was an easy person to talk with when we had questions or concerns along the way as we worked together to sell our condo. She made the necessary steps of the sale clear to us. She was pleasant, hard-working, and knowledgeable. She got us a great price for our property. Thanks so much, Lyla!, , "

Kathy and Michael

"Working with Lyla to find our new house was a great experience. She has many qualities that make the process easier to go through and more enjoyable as well. Her demeanor is always upbeat and pleasant, making it easy to talk to her about your wants and needs, and she takes it all in, actually paying attention to those wants and needs., , She is very knowledgeable about the Real Estate situation in the Ann Arbor area, and when that proved too competitive for our time frame, was easily able to adapt and get good information for the surrounding areas as well. Throughout the process, she always kept us up to date on what was going on, and what the next steps might be for us. She was quick to reply to our numerous questions and requests, and even came through with ideas or information we had no idea about, helping us make our decision a more informed one., , We would be happy to recommend Lyla to any friends or family looking to buy or sell as well, and will get in touch with her ourselves if we are in need of moving again in the future. Thanks again Lyla!!"

Rafael and Deanna

"It was a distinct pleasure working with Mrs. Lyla Icaza as an exceptional real estate agent. Lyla made the purchase of our home an easy and enjoyable experience. What we consider easy, most probably took a lot of Lyla's time and professional efforts. Her suggestions in crafting an offer were priceless and essential for winning the bid in a multiple offer situation. With her professional and warm personality, attention to detail and thoughtfulness, Lyla took care of the whole process; moreover, she kept us informed with updates., , Recently, Lyla facilitated the sale of our home during a low sale season. With no time to waste, after surveying our residence premises, Lyla pointed out some specific suggestions and fixes to make the presentation of the house more appealing. Once the house was on the market we received a strong offer within three days. Again, she followed the process with due diligence establishing a professional and friendly connection with the buyer's agent, while always looking for our best interest. Lyla kept in touch even when she was on vacation and out of the country. Lyla has excellent negotiating skills, friendly disposition, and always responsive making sure everything is on track. We praise Lyla's services with friends and we highly recommend working with her."

Sandra and Salman

Lyla es una excelente realtor, motivada y muy profesional. Nos ayud en cada paso para comprar nuestra primera casa, dando consejos muy precisos y atenta a todos los detalles. Siempre dispuesta a contestar nuestros mensajes o llamados a cualquier hora., , Muy amable y honesta en todos los consejos que nos brind, hizo este proceso muy ameno. , , Estamos muy agradecidos por su trabajo y su trato hacia nosotros.

Clarisa and Andres

"Lyla,, Patrice and I would like to thank you again for all the work you put in getting our home! Without you this process would not have been successful! We are so grateful and appreciative for all of your guidance and keeping us on track and focused. We cannot thank you enough!"

Farraz and Patrice

"We are grateful to Lyla Icaza for all work done for us in the search for our new home. She is a real professional and has a lot of experience in the real estate market in Ann Arbor. She is very methodical and honest., , Communications with her have always been very clear and very fluid. It has been a pleasure to have her as our Realtor in the search for our new home. We are very happy!! We recommend Lyla pleasantly! She is a good choice!"

Jose M. and Raquel

"We had a fantastic experience with Lyla Icaza! She came highly recommended by our friends that were buyers with her, and we couldn't have been happier with our experience as sellers. Lyla is extremely knowledgeable and guided us through the entire process of selling our home. She patiently answered every one of our questions, and she was ready with her own advice but was never pushy or overbearing., , Her understanding of the market was also superb - her guidance ultimately allowed us to sell our house for more than we ever expected (and also more than estimated by other realtors we interviewed)! She also made the process quite easy and convenient by meeting around our busy schedules at odd hours and on weekends, allowing us to sign all the paperwork electronically, and always making sure to be readily accessible via email, text, and phone call with prompt responses. What further sets Lyla apart, is how incredibly invested she is personally., , For example, she made a point to be present during our appraisal so that we could get the optimum price for our condo. At one point, she even gave us her own personal appointment with a contractor so that we could get our windows repaired in time for closing! Her attention to detail and network of trusted handymen were also invaluable., , After a full day of showings, Lyla noticed right away when one potential buyer's child colored on our carpet, so she coordinated with a carpet cleaner on our behalf to have them come the very next day to fix it. Even after closing, Lyla stood by our side and offered us advice until after we moved out. Lyla is by far the best realtor we have ever worked with, and highly recommend her services to everyone!"

Kevin and Stephanie

We have known Lyla for over 15 years. She helped us find our first house in Ann Arbor and, more recently, selling it and buying our new home! We cannot emphasize enough how great it was working with her. Lyla is highly experienced, dedicated, responsive and professional. Her deep understanding of the local estate market, warm and upbeat personality, and HUGE patience made the complex and tedious selling/buying process seemingly smooth and simple. She provided us with a long list of items that needed attention (paint, repairs, decoration, etc.) in preparation for selling. Her attention to detail is incredible and really paid off. The condo looked beautiful going into the market and was sold right away! She is an incredibly strong advocate for her clients and a great negotiator. To find our new home we took our time. We totally trusted Lyla's honest and objective opinion, and her thorough analysis of the pros and cons of the 10+ houses we visited to finally make our decision. We always felt that she was on our side without any kind of pressure, and 100% invested in finding the best house for us. In addition, her help working in coordination with the seller's agent and lenders was instrumental for closing on time prior to the holidays. We are extremely satisfied with our new home and highly recommend Lyla to anybody thinking about buying or selling a house. Thank you, Lyla!

Alejandra & Giancarlo

Lyla was recommended to me by not just one friend but 3 and after I started working with her, I knew why. Lyla is extremely knowledgeable about the Ann Arbor area which was helpful for someone like myself who moved here from out of state. She also knows all of the ins and outs about the Physician loan, when and how to apply and how to streamline the home buying process. She worked hard to get us all of the information we needed to buy our first home. She was very prompt and thorough with her responses in a way that made you feel like you were being taken care of, but not like you were being badgered or smothered. Because of Lyla we found our perfect first home and moved to get our offer accepted within a few short days. If she had not stayed up for hours talking to the other real estate agent and negotiating, I don't know if we would have been able to get our new home. Overall Lyla was a pleasure to work with and I will/have already recommended her to my friends.

Katherine and Stephan

Queremos aprovechar este medio, para agradecerte profundamente, todo el apoyo y calidez que nos proporcionaste para encontrar un lugar lindo para vivir., , Estamos muy complacidos con los resultados obtenidos, pues nos explicaste cada paso necesario para poder llegar a nuestro objetivo , poder comprar casa. , , Eres una persona dedicada y responsable. Tienes una enorme paciencia y nos encanta la forma tan profesional con la que desempeas tu trabajo. Asimismo, queremos felicitarte por el equipo de trabajo que realizas con Betsy dando ambas informacion veraz y resultados oportunos.

Sinceramente, Fam. Hernandez

"HATS OFF TO LYLA! , , Lyla Icaza is an outstanding Realtor agent. She orchestrated the proceedings that sold my home in record time. Lyla is ""hands-on "", (without being intrusive), caring, considerate of my thoughts, desires, and needs. Lyla was sure to include my daughters in all considerations and deliberations so that the entire family understood and agreed upon the decisions. , "

Thank you Lyla for your expert handling of the sa